Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Inzektor Imitation

hello everyone

first of all, i would like to apologise for the lack of YGO related news and only for the update of decklists. the fact is that, due to other blogs are doing fairly well updating products and so, i dont feel the need of posting about yuginews.

so, lets go for Inzektor Imitation.

the deck is basically a normal inzektor deck, but running some techs that will help you to perform nice plays and increase its consistency. the decklist is as follows:

monsters: 21

3 dragonfly
3 centipede
3 hornet
1 giga-mantis
2 ladybug
1 hopper
1 beetron
1 gorz
2 veiler
1 sangan

spells: 14

1 inzektor sword zektkaliber
1 dark hole
1 monster reborn
1 heavy storm
1 mind control
1 book of moon
2 pot of duality
3 insect imitation

traps: 5

1 solemn judgment
2 solemn warning
2 torrential tribute

the deck focus on the same: dragonfly + hornet, but adding 2 ladybug, 1 beetron and 3 insect imitation to the equation, we have a more consistent deck. lets see some sample plays.

-TGU + sangan + insect imitation= TGU, tributed sangan wil bring hopper via insect imitation and hornet via sangan will pop 1 card of your opp. - cards in your deck.

-ladybug + insect imitation= summon ladybug, tribute it to bring dragonly, fly eff  for ladybug, summon centipede, centi eff for ladybug, add hornet. then you have fly + centi + hornet in hand nad you have -3 cards in your deck. also your opponent will have to get rid of both monsters in his/her turn to not to be minused.

-dragonfly + hornet + insect imitation=it is the best play and too weary to write, so i will simplify as much as possible.

1. fly pops a card and summon centi, centi equipes hornet.

2. imitation on fly for beetron. beetron eff send hornet to grave and summon fly in def. search for mantis.

3. equip mantis and hornet to fly. pop both and summon 2 centi. (beetron + fly + 3 centi on field).

4. fly + 1st centi for melomelody. melo eff detaching fly. 2nd centi eff and 3rd centi eff for mantis and hornet. pop both and summon fly and search zektkaliber. (beetron + 2 centi + 1 fly + melomelody on field).

5. both centi for 2nd melomelody. melo eff. equip fly with hornet. pop beetron and summon hopper. equip hopper with hornet and fly with zektkaliber. pop both and summon hornet and get a card from your grave. (1 fly + 2 melomelody + 1 hopper + 1 hornet on field).

6. fly + hornet for melomelody. melo eff. and attack for game: 1400 + 1400 + 1400 + 1400 + 1400 + 1400 + 1700 = 10100

the deck is doing good results in playtesting, so lets take a chance on it.
i hope you have enjoyed.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lancer Frogs

hello everyone after so much time without posting anything. im back with my pre-hieratic deck (since i havent all the cards yet). this deck is known as Lancer Frogs. for those that are unfamiliar with that kind of deck, here you have a link to its official thread in pojo, with tips, the cards you could need and the most important thing, rulings.

first of all, the decklist.

monsters (27) 
3 tour guide
3 sea lancer
3 swap frog
3 dupe frog
2 ronintoadin
1 treeborn frog
1 poison draw frog
3 light and darkness dragon
1 gorz
2 battle fader
1 sangan
3 effect veiler
1 caius

spells (12)
3 enemy controller
1 salvage
1 heavy storm
1 dark hole
1 monster reborn
1 pot of avarice
1 book of moon

traps (1)
1 treacherous trap hole

the strategy of the deck is to fill the graveyard with frogs and ronins using swap frog´s effect. then, use treeborn and ronins or enemy controlled monsters to summon LADD and waste your opp´s resources.

another strategy (the main one) is, after dropping at least a dupe frog/poison draw fron and a ronin, summon ronin banishing 1 of those frogs (your choice depends on if you want to draw or search a frog), tribute ronin for sea lancer, and activate its effect, being a 2300 atk monster with non destruction effect that nets you a card via poison or dupe.

tech choices:
-3 tour guide: a engine by itself, not only serves at an instant floater for sangan and then sangan for any frog or sea lancer, but it serves as an instant rank 3 xyz.

-3 LADD and 1 caius: you can summon LADD using any frog or ronin in your hand and swap frog. discard frog or ronin to grave, activate swap´s effect, send a frog or ronin (depending on what you discarded), sumon ronin and tribute both for LADD. then your opponent will have to waste, at least, 2 cards to get rid of it, and if it is destroyed, you will special summon swap frog, activate its effect and send treeborn frog. in your next standby phase, special sumon treeborn and tribute both treeborn and swap for 2nd LADD if you have it in your hand and keep on gettin pluses negating your opp´s cards. the sole caius is here to get rid of problematic cards, as usual.

-1 salvage: nice card, since is a free +1 in hand and can bring back your destroyed sea lancer to hand to repeat the play again (summon, equip and so). it also provides frogs in graveyar to keep on special summoning swap frog and fill the graveyard as quik as possible. eg: discard frog for swap´s effect, send ronin, bounce swap, activate salvage, discard and send one more frog and one more ronin, banish both frogs sent to grave (dupe + poison draw) for both ronin, overlay for gachi gachi, tribute swap for sea lancer, activate sea lancer´s effect and equip both banished frogs. then you have a 2700 atk monster and a gachi gachi.

-1 treacherous trap hole: free +1 on field, destroy 2 of your opp´s monsters for free, or destroy 1 of your opp and 1 sangan/dupe frog, and get a search. nice card is nice.

extra deck (15)
1 windup zenmaines
1 leviair
1 utopia ray
1 gaia dragon, the thunder charger
3 gachi gachi
1 dark mist
2 E HERO absolute zero
1 leviathan
1 chimeratech fortress
1 formula synchron
1 temtempo
1 melomelody

side deck is sort of personal and it depends of what is played in your local area, but a quick draft could be:

side deck (15)
2 superpolimerization (thats why there are 2 absolute zero in the extra deck)
2 dust tornado (dimensional fissure/macro)
2 shadow imprisoning mirror (inzektor/DW)
2 chain dissapearance (all above 1000 atk)
2 royal decree (heavy trap decks)
2 kaiser glider (laggia)
2 MaxxC (combo decks, hieratics)
1 cyber dragon (random machina decks)

hope you have enjoyed and take a chance at non meta decks. one of its pros is the surprise factor.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Gravekeepers for the current meta

Its been a while since Ive posted. Everything has been going hectic but I am going to try to post more. With that said, lets get to the subject of the title. Gravekeepers?? Viable in this format?? I think so!!

With everything so effect dependent lately, you ask why gravekeepers?? The reason is gravekeepers have one of the best field cards in the game. Only second to ancient city: rainbow ruins. Abusing this factor with another great card this format could put it back in play. That other card is skill drain. Now we all know that GK depends on spys special summoning. This build focuses more on the beat and control concept instead of graveyard control. Here's the list:

GK Descendant-2
GK Spy-3
GK Recruiter-3
GK Commandant-3
Malefic Stardust Dragon-2
Beast King Barbaros-2

GK Stele-2
Pot of Duality-3
Royal Tribute-1
Dark Hole-1
Book Of Moon-1
Wonder Wand-2
Forbidden Chalice-2

Bottomless Trap Hole-2
Solemn Warning-2
Solemn Judgment-1
Skill Drain-2
Dark Bribe-2
Starlight Road-1

The deck is able to shut down most of the meta decks fairly easy. We all know that most of the meta cannot deal with big monsters. To take advantage of that, we malefic stardust and barbaros. Both being good with skill drain on and off the field. There are a couple of unique choices in the deck most would disagree with. One of which is playing 1 royal tribute. The reason being is dark world loves that card for the major pluses it will bring. Another interesting choice is forbidden chalice. Think of it as a ATK boosting quickplay skill drain. This can be good offensively and defensively. It can easily stop an inzektor or wind-up or push that barbaros to 3400 in a pinch. The trap line up is pretty basic for this

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Regionals and other things

helle everyone

my second chance of getting qualified for european championship is quite close (april's 28), so i have to test different deck in order to success.

first of all, i wont netdeck any deck (as chaos dragons), because i dont feel comfortable doing it. 2 of my teammates suggested to play chaos dragons, but my brother suggested to "play what you want".

in order to success, i have to take into account some factors surrounding main and side deck. those factor are:

-capability of siding dimensional fissure
-capability of siding gozen match/rivalry of warlords
-capability of siding royal decree
-capability of siding shadow imprisoning mirror
-capability of swarming
-capability of performing an OTK
-capability of search your key cards quickly
-capability of control your opp's hand
-capability of summoning zenmaines/leviair
-capability of stalling if needed
-capability of controlling the field

considering those factors, the first deck that came into my mind was inzektors (except for siding shadow imprisoning mirror). and after shuffling those factors, i ended up with a decklist that i have to test (but thats local's tourneys purpose)

monsters: 18

3 dragonfly
3 centipede
3 hornet
2 hopper
1 giga-mantis
1 sangan
1 mystic tomato
1 spirit reaper
2 effect veiler
1 gorz

magics: 17

1 dark hole
1 heavy storm
1 mind control
2 zektkaliber
2 smoke grenade of the thief
3 pot of duality
1 book of moon
1 allure of darkness
1 book of moon
1 foolish burial

traps: 5

1 solemn judgment
2 solemn warning
2 torrential tribute

as you can see, i included 2 copies of smoke grenade of the thief to control ur opp's hand. despite what somebody could think, its not a bad or dead draw against DW, because DW builds run 15 monsters more or less, the rest are spells and traps.

i hope this deck do it well at locals, but must build the side deck according to the wide TCG meta.

thats all for today


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hanzo Hieratic

hello everyone

after so much time outta here. im back with som enews and what would be my next deck post GAOV.

the news are:

- i won a guide and sold it XD
- i pulled a zenmaines using tournament credit
- im not qualified for european championship yet (i only have 1 more chance at regionals and 1 more at nationals)
- i hope to sell my inzektor deck before GAOV release (3 hopper, 3 hornet, 3 centipede, 3 dragonfly, 3 zektkaliber, 1 giga-mantis)
- till i get all the cards required for Hanzo Hieratic, i will play Piper chaos.

after those quick updates, the decklist for Hanzo Hieratics:

monsters: 21

3 hanzo
1 luster dragon #2
1 wattdragon
3 hieratic SU
3 hieratic TEFNUIT
2 hieratic ESET
3 hieratic NEBTHET
2 red eyes darkness metal dragon
1 gorz
2 effect veiler

magics: 12

1 heavy storm
1 dark hole
3 hieratic seal of convocation
1 monster reborn
2 pot of duality

traps: 7

2 ninjitsu art of super transformation
2 torrential tribute
1 solemn judgment
2 solemn warning

the main deck could be somewhat like that, but i will have to test it and make some changes (like adding 1 "a wingbeat of giant dragon" instead of maining 3 MST); also i wont main any BLS, even if i can bring it to field.

i have to work in the extra deck, because i dont know how many "hieratic atum" run, and if i can make tiras/adreus.

thats all for today, fellas.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Flamvell Laggia

Playing around with a few deck ideas, the one I decided to play is flamvell laggia. Its a deck that is focused on using monsters like flamvell firedog and jurrac guaiba. They can special summon monsters after destroying a monster by battle. The deck has a lot of capabilities.

Chow Len The Prophet-3
Flamvell Firedog-3
Flamvell Magician-2
Flamvell Archer-1
Jurrac Guaiba-3
Card Trooper-2

Forbidden Lance-3
Pot Of Duality-2
Heavy Storm-1
Book Of Moon-1
Monster Reborn-1

Fiendish Chain-2
Solemn Warning-2
Torrential Tribute-2
Compulsory Evac Device-2
Call of the Haunted-2
Solemn Judgment-1
Starlight Road-1
Dark Bribe-1

Shock Master-1
Vylon Disigma-1
Number 39: Utopia-1
Gemknight Pearl-1
Evolzar Laggia-2
Evigishki Merrowgeist-1
Steelswarm Roach-1
Stardust Dragon-1
Scrap Dragon-2
Thought Ruler Archfiend-1
Black Rose Dragon-1
Arcanite Magician-1
Colossal Fighter-1

The deck is something unique that I had seen checking out World of OCG. This is just modified for the TCG. Some choices that was made was maining a Flamvell Archer. The reason I decided to main one is because Chow Len is a spellcaster. It gives you access to arcanite magician and also another way to special black rose dragon in case you may ever need to. Using two laggia in the extra while only playing three guaiba is something im testing out at the moment. I figured abusing call of the haunted is something decks dont really do. Im going to test and see how it goes. Making changes accordingly as testing progresses.

Thanks for reading guys.


Monday, March 26, 2012

YCS Long Beach

After the largest TCG event concludes, its numbers are staggering. Almost 4400 players attended this event. A variety of deck made their appearances here including the big three. Dino rabbit, inzektors, and wind-ups were there and large in numbers. After two days of playing, the final four comes down to Dino rabbit, Chaos piper, Skill drain heroes, and Dark world. After playing out the semis, only dino rabbit and dark world make it. After defeating rabbit 2-0 dark worlds rise to be victorious.

The build in question was something unique and probably unheard of until this event. Michael
Balan main decked malefic stardust to help protect the gates of DW. Maining tour guide to special broww and specialing grapha becomes that much easier to summon. He sided gellenduo against rabbit knowing that wouldn't activate dolkka's effect and laggia couldnt do anything against it. Maining skill drain probably helped this match up in favor of DW as well.

Thanks for reading.